Coating a warehouse floor is not an easy task. No matter how often you may think about going through it, the sheer amount of work that you need to do even before you start coating can give you nightmares. Having said that, over a period of time, it becomes essential to coat your warehouse floors as they turn into potential safety hazards. Coating warehouse floor is critical to ensure the safety and efficiency of operations as warehouses are likely to contain heavy equipment like forklifts, pallet jacks, etc.; vehicles like trucks and heavy carts and even people moving around, which can damage and abuse the floor coating.


Coating a warehouse floor is one of the biggest pain points for many building owners. There are three main reasons for this:


  • The preliminary preparation for coating a warehouse floor requires a lot of effort. You will need to move out every piece of stock equipment, machinery and vehicle present in the warehouse and store it elsewhere before starting the process. This naturally means that you may be able to carry out limited or no warehouse operations until the coating is completed, dry and ready to be used.
  • Warehouse coating is expensive.
  • Warehouse coating product does not hold up for a long period due to regular use and abuse of the floor.


For the longest time, warehouse owners have been trying to conclude what could be the ideal solution to all these pain points. Warehouse owners have been commonly known to use Epoxy, Paint Or Urethane to coat the floors for a long time. But experts say that most of these products are likely to fail in warehouse locations. Aromatic Urethane is one of the products that has been proven to be effective when compared to its other counterparts. Still, warehouse owners need to know that they would need a minimum of four coats of Aromatic Urethane for it to be effective.


You may be wondering if Aliphatic and Aromatic coatings provide similar benefits when used for warehouse cleaning. The answer is while both of them are effective, both the types of compounds offer distinct advantages. Aromatic Urethane had superior adhesion and proven resistance to ultraviolet light, weathering, and hydrolysis as compared to other compounds. On the contrary, Aliphatic coatings are the superior choice for exterior protection due to their stability when exposed to UV light, weathering and hydrolysis. In addition, the raw material used for aliphatic cleaning system is more expensive than aromatic. They also have higher viscosity compared to aromatic counterparts. Aromatic coatings are more heat and chemical resistant which prove to be an excellent choice for cleaning internal warehouse floors.


While using the right compound for cleaning your warehouse, garage or sump floors is extremely vital, employing the right cleaning services is also of paramount importance. After all, if your cleaning crew doesn’t know how to use the right cleaning agents, even the most expensive cleaning operation can go kaput. Thankfully, with Edifice Services’ trained and experienced staff, Ontario warehouse and parking lot owners no longer need to worry about getting their premises cleaned properly. Edifice Services’ team assures use of right cleaning equipment and accessories to make sure that your property stays clean, protected and you get the best in class service.