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A clean commercial property presents better and will sell more quickly and for a higher end price than one that is dirty and dusty. “Faster Close = Happy Client”.
Let us help you build your ICI sales success and we will provide a generous commission stream to further enhance your earnings. Everybody Wins!

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Edifice Services is the GTA’s leading commercial building cleaning company providing all the services you may need to ensure the property is market ready and attractive to buyers.


Floors, Walls & Ceilings Cleaned


Professional Floor Sealing & Painting


Commercial & Industrial Painting


And More….

Interior Cleaning

Edifice Services has the capability to clean warehouses, factories or retail locations of any size. Our skilled professionals use specialized equipment and a variety of techniques to deliver the results our clients expect. We can schedule the work to be completed during the day, evenings or on weekends to minimize any disruption to business.

Warehouse Floors

  • Sweep
  • Degrease
  • Power Scrub
  • Power Wash
  • Concrete Sealing
  • Line Painting
  • Epoxy and Urethane Coating

Walls, Roof Decks, Structural Steel

  • Power Wash
  • Paint

Outdoor Yards and Parking Lots

  • Clean up debris on the asphalt or concrete
  • Power Sweep

Floor Sealing

Edifice Services provides professional concrete floor sealing services in underground garages and warehouse or industrial buildings
Much of the dust in a building may be created by unsealed concrete floors. A dirty, deteriorated floor means work for a new owner. Sealing the floor will make your properties more presentable in a number of ways…

  • Increase of Reflected Light
  • Dust Free Environment
  • Ease of Future Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Clean, Attractive Appearance

Coatings are available for generic or specific uses…

  • Epoxy Floor Coating Systems
  • Urethane Floor Coating Systems
  • Static Dissipative Systems
  • Non-slip Coatings
  • Spark & Explosion-proof Coatings
  • 1/4″ Trowelled Epoxy for Abusive Environments
  • Quartz Broadcast Systems
  • Shot-blasting with Blasttrac Machines
  • Diamond Grinding & Scarifying
  • Concrete Floor Polishing
  • Power Scrubbing of Oily Floors & Disposal of Contaminated Waste
Interior Cleaning Services
Interior Cleaning Services

Commercial Painting Services

We provide commercial and industrial painting services to make your building shine and increase perceived value. Our goal is to offer the highest quality painting services to cost conscious property managers and building owners. No project is too large for Edifice Services to manage.

Surfaces We Paint

We can prepare and refinish most commercial surfaces including:

  • ceilings, walls, floors
  • concrete floors, flooring
  • factory-painted metal
  • corrugated steel panels
  • anodized aluminum
  • metal siding, paneling, cladding
  • metal/steel roofs
  • support structures, framing
  • metal, steel, galvanized
Interior Cleaning Services

Paint & Materials

We utilize a wide array of high quality industrial grade paints and materials, such as:

  • Oil-based and Latex Paints
  • Urethanes, Polyurethanes
  • Industrial Enamels
  • High-adhesion Coatings For Dirty Environments
  • Direct-to-rust Coatings
  • Specialty Coatings
  • Low-emissions Coatings
  • Non-slip Coatings

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      Fast Accurate Quotes. Rapid Reliable Service.