Having a well maintained and good looking corporate office is important from numerous perspectives. When it comes to maintaining and cleaning garages or parking lots, hiring professional cleaning services or cleaning warehouse floor or painting, most commercial property owners seem to shy away from investing too much. Cleaning, painting and floor-sweeping are often looked upon as an accessory operation by many big companies. Although a part of it may be true, there is no doubt that hiring a janitorial service from a professional company can be your secret competitive edge. If you are a commercial property owner or a manager and are wondering whether investing in janitorial services may be prudent from a competitive edge perspective, here is what experts say:

First impression

When it comes to investing in maintaining cleanliness for your commercial property, commercial property owners wrongly think of it as a cost rather than an investment. A clean and well-maintained underground parking lot is imperative for making a good first impression. Your clients, customers, potential investors, business partners and stakeholders are some people who will regularly attend your premises. Having a janitorial service in place will ensure that your premises stay clean and well-kept at all times. Naturally, if a client or potential investor wants to choose between you and some other not so well maintained business, they are more likely to pick you for the first impression you created, even without realizing it.

Employee Morale and Engagement

Imagine having to come to your warehouse that is not cleaned on a regular basis. It can be quite demoralizing. Organizations that pay attention to cleanliness and maintaining germ-free premises send out the message that they value their employees, even without realizing it. It is extremely important for employee morale and engagement to provide a clean, well maintained and fresh smelling environment. Creativity and aspirations thrive when working conditions are welcoming. Clean surroundings ensure that your employees are not exposed to unhealthy working conditions and achieve optimum productivity and attendance. Better work performance by employees naturally translates to bigger corporate achievements and improved bottom line results.

Risk Management

A good quality janitorial service guarantees that your business premises stay free form employee injuries or health hazards, risk of injuries, airborne illnesses, etc. From a regulation point of view, this is extremely important. Failure to provide safe and healthy working conditions to employees can result in legal action and even closure for your company. You can be expecting high penalties and fines if working conditions at your company do not match with the regulatory requirements.

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